Netflix Shares Sink

The other day I saw a headline that read “Netflix Shares Sink.”  I didn’t read the article, but I was very pleased for Netflix and I bet they are very happy. I know that this is a problem that some people have had for many years.   Some people squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom and some people  squeeze it from the middle or (shudder) the top. Some couples fight about the other person’s mess, others fight about territory. Some solve the problem by having two sinks in the bathroom, others  have solved the problem by always living in places that have two bathrooms.  When you have two bathrooms you have peace.  But it seems that Netflix has found a way to live with someone and not have this problem.  I wish they would tell the rest of us how they do it.  Imagine!  They are sharing a sink!  I wonder how they do it.  And the poor people are having financial problems on top of everything.  This shows you that no matter how bad things get, you can always rise above your problems and learn to share.  Bravo, Netflix!  And God speed.

5 thoughts on “Netflix Shares Sink

  1. Cindy doughty says:

    Omg uncle Ed you are so funny

  2. melissa says:

    Hahaha…you’re a mad man, Ed Markel!!

  3. Theresa says:

    glad I dared 🙂

  4. Homer says:

    I often like to stare at oranges and ponder the origins of the universe. Hey! Has anyone here seen Kelly? K-E-L-L-Y?

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